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(UPI Photo/Ian Halperin) The Cincinnati Bengals reportedly have reached out to quarterbacks Ryan Mallett and Christian Ponder following Sunday's game when Andy Dalton fractured the thumb on his throwing hand while making a tackle in the first quarter.

Jason Campbell (born December 31, 1981 in Laurel, Mississippi) is an American football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

They erased all of the details of his existence and took all of the kids who knew about Freddy and quarantined them at Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital to keep them from spreading the word about him.

These kids were given Hypnocil to protect them from Freddy Krueger. Campbell, was instrumental in erasing Freddy from the town and was responsible for committing the children to Westin Hills; including Will. Campbell then lied to Lori about her mother's death, telling her that Mrs. This was done to protect her from the knowledge about Freddy. Campbell also did not tell Lori about Will's committal. At the beginning of the film, Lori is having a drinking party with her friends Gibb Smith and Kia Waterson.

Unknown to them, Jason Voorhees is lurking outside of her house, which just happens to be 1428 Elm Street, the house that Nancy Thompson and Jesse Walsh lived in.

When Gibb is about to go on a beer run, her boyfriend Trey Cooper and his best friend Blake show up at the house with beer.

They made sure though that they arrived at the restaurant separately to avoid being photographed together. Campbell and was the only teenager seeking revenge from Freddy Krueger while Jason Voorhees was in Springwood. When Lori was fourteen, she was dating Will Rollins.Around the time of her mom's death, the town of Springwood, Ohio developed a plan in order to prevent Freddy Krueger from killing any more of their children.He was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft. A 2000 graduate of Taylorsville High School in Taylorsville, Mississippi, Campbell went on to play college football at Auburn.Campbell held the record for the longest touchdown completion in Auburn football history, an 87 yard pass to Silas Daniels in a 2004 matchup versus Louisiana Tech, until Auburn's 2009 game against LA Tech (93 yards by Chris Todd).Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell scrambles during the first quarter September 28, 2008 at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX.


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