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He kind of stops training heavily and just sort of cools it for a second, and just kind of keeps a light regime going." The Vancouver pop band's April-May Canadian arena jaunt - a.k.a.

Jacob Hoggard likes to take it down a notch before he goes on tour.

For the past school year, 2015-2016, the average composite ACT score at East was 15.7.

(For those who are more familiar with the ACT before 1989 when it changed, the 15.7 score is roughly equivalent to a composite ACT score on the old test of 12.

"And I just sort of go really hard and run a lot, hike a lot and bike a lot, and really get myself into top physical shape for tour.

The week before we start, when the gear shifts off, almost feels like a boxer a week before his fight.


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