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In Winnipeg, Statistics Canada data shows at last count, there were about 11,000 more women than men who reported having some post-secondary education."In Canada, if you look at women you know say between the ages of 25 and 35, for every 100 men that have a university degree, there's 135 women," she said.Participants in Centrallia, the massive small-business speed-dating event that was held in Winnipeg in October, say they liked it so much organizers hope to stage another one in two or three years.Of the 70 per cent of Centrallia participants who responded to a survey -- a surprisingly large number in itself -- 80 per cent of them believed they expect new business to result from the connections they made at Centrallia."Like many cities across Canada, Winnipeg has more women than men," said Marina Adshade, a professor of economics at the University of British Columbia who specializes in the economics of dating pools.According to the latest data from Statistics Canada, there are nearly 22,000 more single women than men in the city's dating pool."First of all we didn't think so many people would answer," said Mariette Mulaire, the event's chief organizer. People enjoyed the fact that it was all organized for them.They recognized after the fact how much work it was that they didn't have to do."While 92 per cent said they would participate again and 97 per cent said they would recommend it to others, many were reluctant to share specifics on new business or leads they captured during the two-day event.

Already, she said ANIM (Agence nationale et internationale du Manitoba) the Francophone trade agency that she runs and which played the lead role in the organization of Centrallia, has received requests from 42 per cent of Centrallia participants for follow-up support.

That doesn’t have to be the reality, and speed dating and singles events are changing in Winnipeg in 2017.

Tense, awkward dates are a thing of the past and the industry has moved more toward friendly, active mixers that focus on activities that are fun and help you meet new locals in an easy-going, non-abrasive atmosphere.

Back in 2008, Winnipeg topped a similar study conducted by speed dating site Fast Life.ca, earning the title of Canada’s sexiest city.

WINNIPEG, MB, October 11, 2016 /24-7Press Release/ -- Friend is excited to announce that it will be taking the next step in connecting new friends - by expanding its platonic matchmaking services to offline!


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