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If you watched Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling accept their Best Kiss award in 2005, either live or on You Tube, then you'll want to be telling the tale of their passion for years to come. And while it's now tradition for Best Kiss winners to makeout onstage while accepting their awards, there will never be anything so purely beautiful as With the 2016 MTV Movie Awards just around the corner, we thought it to be only proper to relive the best 60 seconds in that show's history. Rachel and Ryan were up against these movie kissing couples:•Natalie Portman and Zach Braff, We should have just closed our eyes for good after that moment, because what's the point of eyeballs if we can't lay them upon Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling making out at the MTV Movie Awards?!

reunion was not to be missed, diehard fans of another epic romance flick were quick to notice another gathering that surely would have made our hearts melt twice over.

Rachel Mc Adams is talking all things Ryan Gosling!

But instead of diving into their on-and-off five-year romance or her thoughts on his future as a father (sigh, Eva Mendes), the gorgeous 35-year-old is talking about one thing and one thing only in a new interview: her time with him on set in 2004.

Both have been open about that in the past and Rachel is proud that they did such a great job of hiding their difficulties.

"We weren’t throwing Ming vases at each other, so it wasn’t loathing, but our relationship was not what you saw on the screen.

(which each took home awards for their screenplays, with Spotlight also nabbing the top prize of the night with Best Picture).

However, despite the grown version of Allie Hamilton, young Allie Hamilton, and Noah Calhoun ALL being in the Dolby Theatre..were never all caught together on camera.

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The fans loved this fact and their family and friend were also very happy.And despite their having been broken up for so many years now...there's still hope from their fan base that they will eventually reunite (with some even hoping it would happen right at the Oscars).The pair portrayed a couple in love in the 2004 romantic movie and although they went on to date in real life, they didn't bond during filming.All of a sudden something changed betwenn Ryan and Rachel, it might be because of the story plot where they fight a lot and get along again.No one knows that, but the good thing is that they were together and the move went more smoothlly than everyone expected.Now even though they both moved on to be really happy with other people, back in 2005, they were the only celeb couple that mattered.


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