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Whether it's the traditions that surround it or the biology that fuels it, here are 10 little-known facts about—you guessed it—love and marriage.Wedding dresses weren't always white, according to TLC.However, statistics show Americans aren’t rushing to the altar, and the U. marriage rate is at an all-time low—only 51% of adults were married in 2011, according to U. In a 2010 Pew Research Center survey, love wins out over “making a lifelong commitment,” as well as “companionship,” “having children,” and “financial stability” as a very important reason to wed Among married people, 93% say love is a very important reason to get married; 84% of unmarried people say so.Men and women are equally likely to say love is a very important reason to get married. Most Americans cast cold water on a central premise of many a song or poem, that each person in the universe has only one true love.

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Ages: 52 and 53 Years married: 25 Occupations: University administrator; professor of medicine How did you know he was the one?

We went to school together; he was one of my closest friends. I always say that it's because he's slightly deaf and legally blind.

"Love and marriage, love and marriage…go together like a horse and…" well, you know the lyrics.

While we've been singing songs, writing poems, living for and dying over matters of the heart for centuries, how much do we really know about wedded bliss?


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