Github pages not updating Free onlinebsex chat

I have configured the Remote Server Repository in Source Tree.

The Remote Server is running on Windows Server 2012 Os.

If I remember correctly, I solve this by deleting the branch from the server and pushing it again: Thanks for this - it's the only way I could figure out what was wrong.

When I re-created the branch, github then notified me that the problem was that a submodule couldn't be updated, so I removed it as a submodule and committed the files it contained instead.

I have then made changes in a single file locally which shows changes made in the Local Git Repository opened in Source Tree.

After that i run the Push command so that i can push these files on the Server machine where Remote Repository Files are present. I connect to the Remote Server using FTP and download the file which i had modified locally and pushed to the Remote Server Folder.

It seems that the better-simple-slideshow submodule points to a commit that is no longer available in the "leemark/better-simple-slideshow" repository on Git Hub.

In our logs the error looks like this: Unable to checkout '9d4365b029fa0ff761de08ed26adcf21716b16e9' in submodule path 'js/panes/slideshow/better-simple-slideshow' You should be able to reproduce the error by running "git submodule update --init" in a fresh clone of the repository.

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Actually I always duplicate my latest post, edit the .markdown file and push it to the repository. looks like it is working to me - is there a post missing still?

A .nojekyll file wouldn't have prevented this build failure, but it may help you avoid them in the future. Best regards, John 1: “Page build failed” is not a very precise error message, and the list at is very general.

All I need is the files checked out with git submodules.

Working for over a year now this way, now it just fails to show the updated site. GH recently updated to jekyll 3 and I think there was a change to the way future dates worked, maybe your post filename included a date that was in the future and was not being displayed because of that?

repo, weird thing is that after I pushed my new modifications to the repo, the page was still showing the content of my previous commit, but when I checked the content in that repo on github, it is the latest. Some say it take a little while for the new content to show, but now it is almost 1 hour past.


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