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Any of you had this same problem or have an idea of what is causing it? I would say go to a diagnostics shop and have them run your ECU for you. Only a screw driver is required to read the trouble codes stored in the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The "side" is determined as you sit in the car facing forward. This is assuming that you didn't start the car between changing modes.

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There is no clear or universally agreed-upon distinction between organic and inorganic compounds, but common definitions focus on the presence or absence of carbon (or certain kinds of carbon bonds) or the source from which the compound is derived.These instructions come from the 1991- 16 Valve Factory Service Manual. To remove the plastic fasteners, unscrew the center part and pull out the other part. Malfunction Codes are stored by the ECU for 50 times of cranking the starter. If the same conditions are present, the Malfunction Code will be stored again for 50 cranks of the starter. Reading the codes requires accessing the ECU and placing the unit in one of two self diagnostic modes using a small flat head screw driver. 2- metal screws and another "rivet" type fastener hold the kick panel. Unfortunately, you have to access to the side of the ECU that is against the firewall. flashes once and after a short pause flashes twice, this signifies the number "12". ______________________________________________ ALL TESTS ARE PERFORMED W/ THE IGNITION SWITCH " ON" Mode I (Engine OFF)- Bulb Check: In this Mode, the RED L. i have a 95 240 SX SE and the check engine light keeps coming on. IF YOUR STICKER IS GONE: Mark the original position of the Mode Selector. The Diagnostic Modes -------------------------- There are 2- Modes and 2- Conditions for the Engine to be in for running diagnostics: All Modes are with the Ignition Switch in the ON position Mode I (Engine OFF)- Bulb Check Mode I (Engine ON) - Malfunction Warning Mode II (Engine OFF)- Stored Self Diagnostic Results Mode II (Engine ON)- Exhaust Gas Sensor Monitor Note: The ECU will automatically return to Mode I when the ignition is switched OFF. Changing Modes Note: Switching Modes is not possible when the engine is running. Note: Doing this will ERASE any Malfunction Codes that are stored in the ECU for Mode II.


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