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Getting the list of words in the first place is the real question.So I'm really referring to a way to figure out of a single token is dirty or not and then simply disallow it.Akdeniz, Yaman "Governance of Pornography and Child Pornography on the Global Internet: A Multi-Layered Approach," in Edwards, L and Waelde, C eds, Law and the Internet: Regulating Cyberspace, Hart Publishing, 1997, pp 223-241. Introduction The availability of pornographic content on the Internet The governance of the Internet Overview of UK pornography laws Obscene Publications Act 19 Child pornography UK child pornography laws Protection of Children Act 1978 Section 160 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 Operation Starburst Possession offences Distribution offences Fellows and Arnold: The Birmingham University Case US attempts to regulate the Internet - the Communications Decency Act 1996 (CDA) Legal challenges to the CDA Developments within the European Union Responsibility of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Self- regulation by ISPs - the Internet Watch Foundation UK police censorship of Internet newsgroups Technical solutions and rating systems Parental control software Conclusion Copyright 1997, 1998 Yaman Akdeniz. Student at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, Law Faculty, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT. For further information see 1997-2000, Yaman Akdeniz.Or maybe an API that simply says "yes this is clean" or "no this is dirty" with some parameters?What are some good methods for catching folks trying to trick the system, like a$$, azz, or a55? :) I think there is a place for this kind of filter when, for instance, a user can use public image search to find pictures that get added to a sensitive community pool.Many of us need to deal with user input, search queries, and situations where the input text can potentially contain profanity or undesirable language. Where can one find a good list of swear words in various languages and dialects?

See the fuzzy long distance shots and grainy blow-ups and see for yourself. It's all in: To make a long story short, our big preachathon scheduled for Boston was so un-P. that it was banned before it ever happened -- then we did it anyway on the steps of an old church while the cops and lawyers stood by. Legume and I have both admired tire-biting-mad preachers, ranters, and other fellow kooks for our entire adult lives. ), nor the ALL-BABE-PREACHERETTE ATLANTA DRAGONCON HAPPENING (see PIX), NOR did it stop us from EDITING THE HELL OUT OF THE X-DAY AUDIO AND VIDEO, resulting in a SHITLOAD OF GREAT NEW TAPES AND VIDEOS YOU CAN BUY!! But amidst all the trash and detritus is a lot of excellent writing and truly bizarre educational opportunities.The long story is profusely illustrated, and builds to one of the most bizarre flame wars in alt.slack's 13 year history. Both of us agree that THE ANSWER is hands down the post bloodthirsty Christian end times screed we've ever seen. This man's vision of the Apocalypse has more fiendish torture and spectacular mass killing than even the most fevered SUb Genius X-Day fantasies, and it will really heat up your computer WE MOVED! Here's an amusing profusely captioned pictorial which will probably be of interest only to Stangophiles and old friends who remember the old Lodge Office and the Young Stang. And it won't stop us from editing YET MORE and MORE -- for which we have some technical NEEDS, if you can help us with a donation. Most of the interior of this website is a sort of alt.slack "best of" -- but the text mass hasn't been updated in months, and we're still looking for a way to somehow condense and categorize it for display here on an ongoing basis.Did you know that the Church of the Sub Genius is RESPONSIBLE for the Trenchcoat Mafia? THE ANSWER is a BOOK -- a very rare, out-of-print, self published paperback -- by Harry Walthers of Philadelphia, who has since vanished from the planet. Legume has scanned the entire contents, and we offer you the complete text in this ZIPped file. -- the Sub Genius Foundation's original Mega Fis Temple Lodge #1, my office, that is. The Year 2000 For Revolutionaries (Kyle Holbrock) Lonenuts roasting on an--OPEN FIRE! We've discovered that that's practically a full time job.The team has also created "Dirty Barack", a splicing of Barack Obama 's "The Audacity of Hope", "Dirty Peter Pan and the Long Black Penis of Evil", and "Dirty the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Shitpile".Oh, and it has nothing to do with a Harry Potter / Dirty Harry crossover.With the help of a lot of people who have donated their time and resources, DALnet has become the largest IRC network with Services today.


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