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When I started I would search through countless profiles looking for attributes I thought matched my interests but after only a short time I found myself swiping right, often without even looking, on every profile until no one was left in my area.My original search criteria was girls between 27-31 years of age within a range of 3 miles but over time those standards relaxed to 21-35 years of age within 10 miles.By rehoming locally I am then also available to provide support post adoption when it is required.All adoptions are subject to a physical homecheck and a minimum donation.

The campaign was open to all school libraries but it was clear from the nominations that a qualified teacher librarian was an enormous asset.Nearly 600 students, teachers, parents, principals, library staff and other members of the community nominated more than 200 school libraries across Australia.There was a good mix of government, Catholic and independent; K-12, primary and secondary schools, and supporting materials included drawings, stories, quotes and photographs showing how much these libraries are valued.In October 2015, FAIR (Freedom of Access to Information and Resources) joined with library associations and Education HQ to seek nominations of Great School Libraries across the nation.We were looking for libraries that help children and young people find reliable information; use the information effectively; think critically; make informed decisions; work productively with others; build knowledge and understanding of the world; safely navigate the internet; communicate and share their ideas; and find great reads to meet personal interests and abilities.NOTES ON REHOMING REQUIREMENTS I am sorry but I can't rehome further than approximately 15 (absolute max 20) miles from our home in Windlesham Surrey.


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