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I rode my bicycle after a party in the freezing air on Christmas early morning across the Brooklyn Bridge. I stopped and took pictures of I-don’t-even-remember, but I do remember feeling happy. Not because he was paying, but because showing him great places was the least I could do to as a courtesy.

Knowing that can help craft your answer so it's honest and thoughtful.

All I could remember was his perfectly formed hair, flawless skin, and clean manicure. Not for a girl with grease under her fingernails, a six-month old haircut, and unkempt cuticles, not to mention skin blemishes. When our “date” was about to begin, I hadn’t changed my clothes from work. Certainly is not the guitar slinger nor the geek I usually date.

He looked like he just stepped out of a limo at a Newport, RI mansion. The food is locally-sourced, except for the California citrus and Hatch, New Mexico green chilies. Better to bear with this man wearing cashmere and an oxford shirt.

I am here to play and you best believe I am damn good at it.

If this were football, it’d be like you saying, “yeah I don’t do offensive strategy. So if you would just give me the ball and let me run past you and let me score, you will see the kind of winner I am.” Yeah, right.


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