Dating hussey leonard olivia whiting

Moreover, in her next film - which begins production this year in Calcutta - she plays the decidedly unglamorous "Saint of the Gutters", Mother Teresa.

She and her younger brother lived in a small flat near the Tower of London with their mother, who worked as a legal secretary.

Though other actresses have spoken the lines with greater skill, it is the young Hussey who can make a modern lad believe that Juliet was worth dying for.

But her adolescent admirers may be dismayed to learn that the screen goddess of 1968 is now 50 and a mother of three.

OH: My mother took us away from Argentina when I was seven and my brother was six. So I asked her to find—I was fearless when I was small like that. But I just asked her to find a drama school, and she found a drama school in England, and we couldn't really because we had left Argentina with so little. And Miss Conti looked at me and laughed, and she said, "You know, I love your spunk." And she said, "I'll give you the chance." I said, "My mother can help in dribs and drabs but, really, I know I'm going to start working once I'm here. And then I started doing modeling and doing walk-on parts and you know. But it was like we loved each other—my big crush was on Franco. I just loved his genius and the way he worked and—you know, I was crushed when I found out he was gay.

And that's when I kept saying, "I want to be an actress." G: When would you say you caught the acting bug?


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